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Extended ORP allows you to supply your own values for Essential ORP's assumed parameters and to describe your situation in detail.

Every field on this form represents an issue that may affect your retirement finances. Take your time; give each some thought.

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Scenario Description
(Enter a brief description of this scenario. This text will appear at the top of the result page)

info icon  Enter all dollar amounts as thousands of dollars (example: $10,000 = $10K, enter 10 in the box)

Retiree Spouse
Current Age(s)

Retirement Accounts

Retiree Spouse
Tax-deferred Account Initial Balance $ $
Tax-deferred Account After tax Balance $ $
Tax-deferred Account Maximum Annual Contribution $ $

Roth IRA Initial Balance $ $
Roth IRA Maximum Annual Contribution $ $
Roth IRA Minimum Balance $

After-tax Account Initial Balance $
After-tax Assets Cost Basis $
Maximum Annual Contribution of All Types $

Minimum Estate in current dollars (No Estate) $

Illiquid Assets

Home Other
Asset Value $ $
Cost Basis - Originally Cost, for Tax Purposes. $ $
Mortgage or Loan - Principal balance due at sale $ $
Age to Sell - Convert illiquid asset to liquid asset.

Reverse Mortgage

Age to Start Reverse Mortgage Distribution
Lifetime Income Plan Annual Payments $
Lump Sum Distribution $

Annual Retirement Income

Retiree Spouse
Social Security Benefits current or (PIA) $ $
Age to Begin (ORP's Choice)
Disability Insurance (check if it applies)
Social Security will continue full benefits?

Pension and Other Income, Indexed to Inflation $ $
Pension and Other Income, not Indexed to Inflation $ $
Pension Beginning Age (Retirement Age)
Pension Survivors Benefit    %    %

Earned Income - Part time and Otherwise $ $
Earned Income Ending Age

Annuity Annual Distribution $ $
Annuity Funding from the IRA $ $
Age to Begin Annuity (Immediate Annuity)

Tontine Dividend $ $
Tontine Funding from the IRA $ $

Affordable Care Act - PTC $
ACA Taxable Income Limit $

Retirement Plans

Retiree Spouse
Retirement Age (65)
Planning Horizon (92)
Spending Upper Limit (Maximize spending) $
Retirement Spending Plan
IRA to Roth IRA Conversions

Glide Path (Introduction)

Tax-deferred Roth After-tax
At Retirement. % Invested in Stocks (100%) % % %
Plan End % Invested in Stocks (100%) % % %

Stock Investments Rate of Return (6%) % % %
Fixed Income % Yield (3%) % % %


Income Spending
Inflation Rate (2.5%) % %


After-tax Account Capital Gains Tax Rate (15%)     %

Current Marginal Personal Income Tax Rate (15%)    %

Retirement State Income Tax Deductions & Exemptions $
Retirement State Income Tax Rate:    %

Social Security Exemption From State Income Taxes. $
Pension Income Exemption From State Income Taxes. $

extraordinary non recurring events


3-PEAT Retirement Income Management Simulation

Historical year to Begin Simulation.
Minimum Essential Spending. $
Maximum Discretionary Spending $

What's Monte Carlo